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mors_mordre's Journal

Eat Death.
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Join the I HEART (♥) VOLDEMORT club and for the low, low price of 80 galleons and your soul, you will receive stylish I HEART (♥) VOLDEMORT stickers and Death Eater robes in the cut of your choice!*

Do you heart (♥) Voldemort? So do we! This is the place you can post anything Voldemort-related: fanfiction, fan art, avatars, fan encounters, you name it! There will be some serious canon discussions of his character, along with some quirkly weekly Voldemort comics, courtesy of mein_einhorn and mfray. (Plus, our layout will only improve!)

So come meet some fellow closet Death Eaters and join in on the action!

New members, post an entry introducing yourselves:
How did you hear of us?
What do you love about the Dark Lord?
What would you like to see in this space?
Which book/movie is your favourite?

*Hats are optional. ALl members are required to bear the Dark Mark. No refunds, redemptions; IHV cannot guarantee your safety or the Dark Lord's forgiveness of stupidity.

And when in doubt, just remember: MORSMORDRE!